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Astronomical Observatory of Genoa

Amateur Astronomers Section, Popular University of Sestri

O.A.G 1984
Via Superiore Al Gazzo-Loc. Righetti
16154-Genova, Italia
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Help us turn on the new
Educational Planetarium of Genoa

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  • IBAN: IT40 M061 7501 4210 0000 1149 580

  • Intestato a: Università Popolare Sestrese

  • Causale:  "Nome e Cognome  Donazione per Nuovo Planetario Osservatorio Astronomico di Genova"


Visit to the Observatory

Ad Martem 12 - Un viaggio inaspettato

I cambiamenti del pianeta Terra
visti dallo spazio

The observatory

O.A.G. is an astronomical structure built in the early eighties, managed by the Astrofili section (1961) of the Popolare Sestrese University (1907). The Observatory is also an association of VOLUNTEERS passionate NOT for profit, which is based on the activity of research and dissemination of astronomical subjects. To learn more about our history and structure, you can view and download the files in the documents section.

Public opening

The date of the event is never random, it coincides (as far as we can) with the Moon that appears / approaches the "First Quarter".

When we talk about Phase to the First Quarter, we know that the Moon is growing and half-lit, and thus gives us the opportunity to appreciate in the best way, the shadows of the sun-projected craters, along that line that separates the illuminated part, from the one still dark.

During the seasons, in addition to our Satellite, we could also observe different objects (this is due to the earth's rotation) and therefore it is advisable to participate at least 4 times a year to have a clear idea of ​​the alternation of the seasons and everything that we surrounds.

Agreed visits

The Astronomical Observatory of Genoa also offers the possibility to visit its structure to groups and schools.

To make an appointment, we invite you to contact us by phone, to check together our availability with your requests, taking into account that we preferably require a minimum number of 20 participants.

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