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Planets' Way

The Planets' Way was created with the aim of accompanying visitors to our Observatory on a journey that leads them to discover the Solar System .

It is a 10-stage route, located along Via Superiore al Gazzo, between the Genova Costa di Sestri Ponente railway station and our structure.

The stages are not placed randomly along the path, but they are exactly at the distance at which the single celestial body orbits around the Sun, scaled 22 billion times . So starting from the outer borders of the Solar System (Costa di Sestri Ponente station) all the planets will gradually meet, to reach our Star, near the new Planetarium .


The path can also be followed in the opposite direction, that is, starting from the Sun and arriving where only a few space probes have arrived, taking several decades.


At each stop, which represents an element of our Planetary System, travelers will find information signs showing the main characteristics of each of them.

This journey allows us to understand how vast the cosmos is and how little man represents on the universal stage.

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