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Sestri Ponente

Astrophile section

Università Popolare Sestrese 

The Observatory in brief


O.A.G. is an astronomical facility built in the early 1980s, managed by the Astrophiles Section (1961) of the Università Popolare Sestrese (1907).

The Observatory is also a NO-profit association of passionate VOLUNTEERS, which is based on the activity of research and dissemination of astronomical subjects.

To learn more about our history and structure, you can view and download the files in the documents section.

Agreed visits
The Astronomical Observatory of Genoa also offers the possibility of visiting its facilities to groups and school classes.

To make an appointment, we invite you to contact us by telephone, to verify together our availability with your requests, bearing in mind that a minimum number of 20 participants is preferably required.

Public Openings
We generally do two openings per month: "First Quarter Moon" and "Deep Sky. The dates of the openings are never coincidental, in fact they coincide (as far as we can) with the Moon presenting/approaching the "First Quarter" for the opening dedicated to the Moon, because we know that the Moon is crescent, visible after sunset and half-lit, and thus gives us the best opportunity to appreciate the shadows of the craters cast by the sun along that line separating the illuminated part from the still dark part.

Instead, we choose nights without the Moon to observe the Deep Sky (Nebulae, Star Clusters, Galaxies), because the darker background of the sky allows us to better appreciate the more distant and less luminous objects.

Depending on the seasons, we may also observe different objects in addition to our Satellite (this is due to the Earth's revolution), so it is advisable to participate at least four times a year to get a clear idea of the changing seasons and everything around us.

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Stay tuned

By subscribing to our newsletter, you will be able to stay up-to-date on our activities and thus avoid missing the opportunity to participate. To do so, send a blank e-mail to and follow the instructions in the e-mail you will receive

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